Defend the Defender Coalition
Our work

The DD Coalition is currently working to:

1. Hold a multi-day strategy meeting which includes both Coalition members, Environmental Defenders and their partners to:

  • Identify key opportunities for influence and specific targets in the coming year;

  • Develop joint strategic messages for key institutions, private sector and

  • governments to address prevention of harm and protection of environmental and

  • land defenders

  • Share protocols and strategies for reducing risks, training defenders and

  • improving effectiveness of actions 

2. Create a Working Group to focus on collecting critical new data on threats, attacks, criminalization and stigmatization of defenders including stories of impact on their lives

  • Review typology of threats,impunity, criminalization and stigmatization;

  • Review whether and which Governments /individual organisations have collected this data and are releasing it;

  • Identify secure platforms for incident reporting;

  • Develop data collection strategy aimed at using data for maximum impact, and incentives for defenders to share stories;

  • Share names of key national groups within networks who have the capacity to collect data long term and reach out to garner support;

  • Determine how to use data to have greatest impact and influence on Government and Private Sector actors;

  • Evaluate lessons learned to target future actions including what elements of a global emergency alert system already exist;

  • Assess how to promote reporting by Government in a consistent manner to meet SDG 10. 


3. Conduct pilot research 

  • Priority information needs

  • Whether information reaching them

  • Whether resources adequate for protection/ prevention

  • Rapid assessment of existing mechanisms to the extent which achieving aims

  • ​Start pilot in Colombia and /or ​one of the project sites within the All Eyes on the Amazon project, if possible (Ecuador, Peru and Brazil) ​working with Universal Human Rights, PBI, Amazon Watch, Hivos and WRI.

4.​ ​Design opportunities for collaboration among members​ to reduce duplication of efforts​ and allow maximal impact from shared resources

  • Identify key priorities for 2018-2019 and where partners can collaborate e.g. Women Human Rights Defenders IUCN project.

  • Provide mechanism for coordination with the International Financial Institutions- Human Rights Defenders Coalition.

  • Have partners joint campaigning opportunities as needed and discuss possibility of future join global campaign on the prevention of harm against environmental defenders.