Defend the Defender Coalition

 What are the objectives of the Coalition? 

  • Share experiences and good practices in the security and protection of environmental defenders to minimize duplication and cost, and increase adoption

  • To discern key priorities and opportunities to make changes at the international, regional, and national levels for protection of environmental defenders

  • To understand key groups working on this issue, their strategic priorities and focus, and opportunities to support their work

  • To understand the scope and scale and availability of resources for environmental defenders


 How do I find out who is involved in the Coalition? 

An interim coordination group has been set up that includes World Resources Institute, Transparency International, Hivos and Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide (ELAW).


Please contact or for more information.

 What is the structure of the coalition? 

The coalition is a loosely coordinated group formed in January of 2017 and communicates primarily through an electronic list serve.  The coalition also holds monthly conference calls to advance specific initiatives and share priorities of groups working to protect activists around the world. The coalition promotes collaboration between partners of the network.

 How do I join?  

Right now, membership is informal and open. Anyone interested in supporting the effort is welcome. To join the list please send an e-mail to

 What is the Coalition doing?  

The Coalition is currently:

  • Conducting a mapping of groups and initiatives at the national and international level to support environmental defenders

  • Sharing updates and facilitating collaborations between partner organizations   

  • Identifying upcoming opportunities for joint advocacy