resource portal for environmental human rights defenders

  Our objective  

Share experiences and good practices in the security and protection of environmental defenders for networks to reduce duplication, cost and increase adoption.

To discern key priorities and opportunities for reform at the international policy level and national level for protection of environmental defenders considering scaling and impact.

To understand key groups at international  and  national level who are working on this issue, opportunities to support their work,  priorities and research conducted.

To understand the scale of resources for environmental and land defenders and need for an Environmental  and land Defenders Fund.

The DDCoalition was formed to build a bridge between international, national and local work and bridge gaps between siloed communities who may be failing to build on each other’s work. The DDCoalition develops its workplan through bottom-up membership engagement and joint priorities.  


The idea behind the coalition is to amplify advocacy efforts before key international and national targets, ensure consistency in messaging and approaches, to prevent duplication of materials and programs, and promote steady progress to reduce risks and tackle the root causes of this problem. 


The DDCoalition is a space for dialogue and critical learning but more importantly acting to address gaps in the approach to improve prevention and protection and scaling up work to support networks of actors at the national level. 

 What we do